Voice Broadcasting

Very low cost per connected call and capable of millions of calls per day. We make sure the audio quality is optimum and personally monitor the progress of every broadcast.

Voice broadcasting can be the least expensive way to get your message to the largest number of potential voters. A 30 second
message can be delivered to 10,000 households for about $300.00.

Automated Polling

We provide very low cost automated surveys with 1 to 40 questions or more that can efficiently give your campaign both statistical reports for the district and household level data. There are several benefits to doing this type of survey compared to polling:

Very low cost. Dialing 40,000 voter households, with a 6% response rate (2,400 responses) could cost as little as $750 or less.

Quick Deployment. We can usually execute a survey in less than a day and have top-lines and cross-tabs available within an hour of the completion of the calls.

Provides campaign intelligence. Each of the responses can be attached back to the voter’s household. Not only do you receive a statistical report, but you can track individual households based on the information collected.

More detailed Crosstabs. Most Polling can compare no more than two variables. Because these surveys produce a larger number of responses, we can drill down using 3 or more variables

Voter Files

We build your voter file and then create voter counts and lists by geography, age, gender, party and voter history. At your request, we provide your campaign with whatever counts and lists you require throughout the campaign cycle. Because we do the work, you can get more complicated and customized data requests than web-based services allow.
The voter files are obtained directly through the State or Local Boards of Elections, not a list vendor. Updating the phone numbers is available at an additional charge.

Proven Donor Lists

Using multiple sources, we obtain campaign finance records and match them with your voter file to produce better prospect lists. Donors can be selected by geography, the donors’ political party, the recipients’ political party, dates and amounts.

Demographic Data

Using multiple sources, we obtain data on race, ancestry, religion, income and other useful demographic data. This data can be used for voter targeting and to evaluate automated surveys in more detail.

Phone Append

We can help you to efficiently update and append landline and mobile numbers to all of your lists


Skyline Consulting has the expertise in political and demographic data, geography, and GIS mapping that are all required components of redistricting.
We provide complete redistricting support, from building the redistricting database and producing the plans to litigation support.
Skyline Consulting has produced and defended redistricting maps for dozens of municipalities, school districts and States going back to the 1990 redistricting cycle. Few companies have the long term experience to produce maps that can be passed by the legislature and be defended in court when necessary.


We specialize in political geography. We can build precint level maps which can then be used for targeting and analysis. Visualizing past election results is a valuable tool when developing campaign plans

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